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Maaf, permintaan whitelist dipindah ke Group Facebook “Minecrafter Kaskus Indonesia”

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Server nyala hari ini !

Sesuai dengan janji Keyfx, server akan nyala 24/7 hari ini (Selasa, 3 May 2011)

Untuk yang minta WhiteList mohon bersabar karena para admin sedang sibuk dan Server masih dalam keadaan Test.



The Word of Notch: The maps!


I’m currently working on 1.6, which will be mostly a bug fix update. I will be going through bug lists (including the great one on the Minecraft wiki) and fixing as many as I can. There’s no set date for the update yet as I don’t know how long it’ll take to go through the list.

The only new…

Via The Word of Notch

How To be Whitelisted

  1. Harus MINIMAL ngepost 1 AJA di Thread MCkaskus di kaskus tentunya
  2. Harus JOIN Grup MCkaskus Di Facebook
  3. Harus Mengisi Form DI SINI

New Blog Feature ! Disqus !

Akhirnya ! para Minecrafter Kaskus sekarang sudah bisa ngasih commentnya di setiap Post, melalui Disqus !

jadi silahkan untuk siapapun ngasih comment atau like di setiap post.

Terimakasih :)


Did you know?

The Voice of Ghast is made by C418.

@C418 because you make the disturbing ghast sounds, you know..

-Copy from Notch’s Twitter

Minecraft now has seven million registered users, and has sold two million copies.

– Notch’s Twitter

So obviously, hotdogs confirmed for 1.6

– Notch’s Twitter

Piston - Minimap - and 2 MILLION sales !

Hi! It’s Monday, and we’ve got the day off for some reason. (Something about Easter) Me and ez took a short walk, and the weather was wonderful. :-D
But that’s not what this blog post is about. It’s about dumping a bunch of random information on you!

First of all, Jens got temporarily moved to a new project, so I’m on my own on Minecraft for a while (not sure how long..). It feels scary, but he’s right across the desk from me. Thank you for your work so far, Jens, I know both the community and I really appreciate all your hard work. :-D

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